We can supply quality concrete for the home handy man’s DIY projects, builder’s landscaper’s plumbers and professional concreters.  With mini mix and maxi trucks available we are able to supply loads from .4 to 7.4 cubic metres to Bendigo and surround 5 ½ days a week



Normal concrete mixed for you specific needs and to Australian standards AS3600

Decorative concrete can be whatever you want in to be whether it be a coloured base with exposed aggregate in either pebbles or normal “ Blue “ aggregate


A selection of modern colours are available using good quality oxide pigments from Concrete Colour Systems that will enable you to create an outstanding driveway, patio or entertaining  area, a colour selector chart can be found at their website


A good exposed aggregate driveway once it is sealed adds stunning visual appeal and a nice natural appearance and value to any house or business. Pebble mixes are usually the best for exposed aggregate concrete because of their smoothness, generally the sizes range between 10-20mm.

Coloured oxides can also be mixed with the pebble to give a truly unique finish.


Polished concrete is very popular hard wearing finish for new homes  as they are more durable low-maintenance, and easier to clean than many flooring options. Different mixes of aggregate are available to use to create your unique finish


We are able to supply a number of different mixes or you specific requirement whether it be stabilized sand for backfilling of pools and around conduits to stabilized rock and crushed concrete for road works.


Along with normal class concrete we can offer specialized mixes to suit your needs.

Spray mixes, shot crete, kerb, low slump, no fines, blinding etc.