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Tips On How To Create Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete is an outstanding alternative to the mass-produced forms of concrete available on the market. This type of concrete is not only beautiful but durable too. It can even withstand several years of wear and tear. A polished concrete floor or polished concrete overlay can make any area in your home or business appear stunning.

Polished concrete gives a virtually limitless style palette. It can be coloured or stained in various shades & patterns as well as having elaborate etching. Decorative patterns can also be etched into the polished concrete surface. Polished concrete will often replicate the appearance & functionality of tile, stone & marble while being much less expensive.

Polished Concrete Cost

As polished concrete cost depends upon the style you choose, the more etching there will be along the edges and along the entire floor. Prices will vary depending on the available design options. The least expensive polished concrete is one that has one or few decorative etchings. More elaborate designs can cost more. You can use various colour options to bring your pricing up or down.

Polished Concrete Finish

There are two primary polished finishes you can use on a concrete slab. One will have a highly polished finish that looks like a mirror effect and the other will have a very matte finish that hides dirt. You can purchase either of these polished finishes at your local home improvement store. You can purchase the polished concrete slab as a whole finished package that has the slab as well as the concrete sealer along with the finish.

Polished Aggregates

You can add shine to polished concrete floors by buffing or smoothing the surfaces. To do this you must start with a dull material such as steel wool. You then place the steel wool pad on the floor and slowly drag it over the polished concrete floor. You can add additional grit to the steel wool pad to increase the number of bumps in the pattern.

Burnished Concrete

While polishing is the most common, you can also have a burnished polished concrete surface created for a professional look. This is done by a more elaborate removal process. To create this, you must first cut out the pattern from an existing section of the floor. Next, you must place a layer of medium grit sandpaper over the cut area to help preserve the pattern and to help seal the area.

polished concrete

Important Tips

You should know that the method that you use to prepare the concrete floors will play a big role in how polished it looks. One of the most important tips you should know about preparing these types of floors is to make sure that there are no voids in the area where the pattern was cut. The best way to ensure that there are no voids is to add an aggregate exposure after the floor has been polished. Aggregates exposure helps to expose the areas where the pattern was not polished.

If you notice that your polished floor needs some added attention, you can apply a sealer before adding the new aggregate exposure layer. However, one of the most important tips you should keep in mind is to avoid applying too many layers of sealer to the project. Applying too many layers of sealer can cause the polished surface to become uneven. To get the best look for your project, you should plan out the application of sealer in advance. You can consult with a sealer specialist to learn about the best options for your particular project.

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