washed concrete sand

What You Need To Know About Washed Concrete Sand

One of the many ways to make a concrete floor look new is to make use of washed concrete sand. This is a form of concrete sealer that is specially designed to make your concrete look as if it was just laid weeks or even months ago. However, the price of this product is not cheap and it is also very difficult to find because most suppliers of this type of product are specialized in the number of customers they have.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is a mixture of various sand particles that have been finely ground together. The particles are used to fill in the gaps and cracks of concrete floors so that it looks like they were freshly laid. Concrete is one of the most durable materials but over time, it can get damaged. Holes or cracks might appear on the floor that will, later on, require repairing. Washed concrete sand, however, can be used to cover up these holes to make them look flawless.

Most suppliers of washed concrete sand offer different options when it comes to the amount of product you will need to purchase. For smaller floors, it is best to just buy a small bag which is enough to fill the entire area. This is actually enough to do a good job in small areas. Larger areas require you to use a bigger quantity of sand to cover the entire surface.


The price of this type of sand is determined by the size and quantity you will be needing. If you are going to be using it on larger floor areas, however, you might want to consider getting a larger bag that contains a little bit more product. This will ensure that the finish you are creating is of excellent quality. Even so, the price will most likely remain competitive.

washed concrete sand


You can also use washed concrete sand to level areas that have been damaged by weather or heavy machinery. If you apply a lighter layer of sand and then apply some fine-grit sandpaper to the remaining part, you can create an uneven surface. A heavier application of sandpaper will smooth the area out, making it appear perfectly even. Sanding concrete floors can be a daunting task if you don’t have the proper equipment.

In addition to saving money, having good washed concrete sand will also protect your floors from stains and other forms of damage. When you finish a job with imperfection, you will be constantly looking for places to apply more sand to complete the job right. It will add to your expenses because you will have to buy new bags of the product. On the other hand, finished floors look much better and are also healthier for your family to walk on.


The downside to using washed concrete sand is that it can take a few days before the material is completely dry. If you do not wait long enough, the colour of the floor will begin to fade. Some homeowners like to mix some wood colouring into the sand to make it appear more uniform. This will help your floor stand out more and make it more attractive to passers-by. Another idea is to place some tinted glass over the stained area to create a different look. This might be all you need to make your concrete floor look like a brand new floor.

When you have finished sanding and sealing your floor, you may not want to use real stone or ceramic tile anymore. Instead, you should consider washed concrete sand to create a new look for your floor. The material will not only make your floor look better but it will also save you money in the long run. There are many different options for you to choose from in the market today so you do not have to worry about limited styles or colours anymore. With this new type of concrete flooring, you will get more value for your money.

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